True Balance Breathwork

Do you ever feel anxious, overwhelmed, stressed, in pain or uptight?

How often do you feel completely at ease, relaxed and comfortable?

And how often do you pause to take a deep breath - or two? 

I invite you to take a few deep breaths - right now!

Inhale ..... Exhale!

Inhale ....  Exhale!

Inhale ..... Exhale!

Anything? Did your shoulders soften a little? Does your jaw feel more relaxed? Do you feel a sense of calm?

Our Breath is our life force. Without oxygen, we only survive a few minutes.

In our hectic world we are constantly in "fight or flight" mode. Breathing calmly and deeply doesn't even occur to us.

We deprive our body from a sufficient supply of oxygen, a crucial source for our cells and organs to function properly. That leads over time to malfunction and manifestation of disease.

As you breathe deeper and fuller you also gain access to past traumas and emotions. Those unreflected experiences can manifest in unhealthy behavioral patterns, anxiety issues, depression and tension. By utilizing your breath you can release and integrate these past experiences and regain freedom from physical and emotional pain.

With True Balance Breathwork you will learn to breathe efficiently and restore the full potential to you body and mind.


Soon we will be offering Breath Coaching classes - in person or virtual!

Please stay tuned!

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